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hello everybody,
I would like translate 'statica' as specific technical-architectural word (the buildings structure calculation and design); I found 'statics', but I have to get the best term... anibody can help me?
  • Hi,
    statics is “The branch of physics that deals with physical systems in equilibrium, in which no bodies are in motion, and all forces are offset or counterbalanced by other forces” (from TheFreeDictionary).
    I think that “Structural engineering” could be more appropriate.
    Of course any suggestion is more than welcome!

    All the best
    that's it, lightning223,
    as well as a building have to work (in equilibrium, I mean the forces that works in any building structure system) for standing. Statics ('statica'), actually, is the name of school or university subject and the reference for professionals too. So, perhaps we find out the reason...

    many thanks