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Term: Statie

Your definition or explanation: (noun) A policeman serving in the State Police (US)

Example: "I'd ask you why you're a statie making 30 grand a year."

One or more places you have seen the term: I've heard the term just in the film "The Departed", exactly in the scene where the sergeant (performed by Mark Wahlberg) interviewed the new arrived Billy (DiCaprio). I report their words of that part:
Billy: You a psychiatrist?
The sergeant: If I was, I'd ask you why you're a statie making 30 grand a year. And I think if I was Sigmund fucking Freud I wouldn't get an answer.

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    A nice contribution. :)

    Here are a couple of examples from the news:
    (Boston Herald - ‎Oct 14, 2013‎)
    Statie’s close call lights up social media.
    An out-of-control driver came inches from slamming into a statetrooper's cruiser as he worked a construction detail early yesterday morning, state police said.

    (Boston Herald - ‎Oct 10, 2013‎)
    Victims' family seeks apology from trooper
    The family of a mother and daughter killed last month in a head-on car crash with an off-duty statie who was allegedly blitzed behind the wheel wants an apology from the cop - although the Macchis say they have no ill will toward Trooper John Basler.

    There was one more example from Boston. I wonder how regional this term is. Where does the film take place?

    (Here in California, a state officer is employed by the California Highway Patrol [CHP], and so called "Chippy/ Chippie.")