station blanche (informatique)

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    I'm currently looking for a way to translate the french expression "station blanche" into english.
    A "station blanche" is a special computer designed to be cut from any external network and left to any user to plug any storage media (usb stick, HHD, CD ...) which will then be analyzed by some antivirus/antimalware...
    This kind of computer is usualy used in companies to ensure that their employee won't plug an infected media on their system.

    I tried googling a few keywords in both english and french but was quite decived by the results.

    Thank you for the help
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    "Kub est une station blanche qui analyse et décontamine vos supports USB."

    "Grâce au KUB (Kiosk for Universal Blocking), branchez vos supports USB en toute sérénité."

    Google kub cleaner
  3. goldensgui New Member

    Merci pour votre réponse. Je suis effectivement tombé sur ce KUB lors de mes recherches mais cela semble plus être l'acronyme accrocheur d'une marque et une recherche Google ne retourne que des sites francophones.

    En attendant, j'ai trouvé deux appellations potentiellement intéressantes
    - Cyber security Kiosk
    - Files Sanitizing Station
  4. constantlyconfused

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    KUB Cleaner describes itself as an 'antivirus terminal'.
    A quick look on Google suggests that you've answered the question yourself. Of those two I prefer Cyber security kiosk.
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    Stangely enough I just came across this myself. Based on your description, the generic name for this object is a sandbox [computer, environment, etc.]. Thanks for the definition.
  6. goldensgui New Member

    Thank you for your replies . How could I've missed the "Sandbox" term!!! I think it's the most relevant for my use.

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