staubig blond

Discussion in 'Deutsch (German)' started by Lola Lola, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. Lola Lola Senior Member

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    Is "staubig blond" a collocation, such as "dirty blonde" or "sandy blonde" in English, or should it be treated as 2 seperate adjectives?

    Context: Er hatte klebende Haare – staubig blond voll Fett.

    My suggestion: He had sticky hair - dirty blonde and full of grease.

  2. Liam Lew's Senior Member

    It's no collocation. I think it should be treated as two separate adjectives.

    What is the source of the sentence? Have you used the original punctuation here? The punctuation seems a bit odd to me.
  3. bearded

    bearded Senior Member

    Liam is right. It should at least be ''staubig blond UND voll Fett''.
    What about 'dusty blonde' ?
  4. Lola Lola Senior Member

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    Thanks, the punctuation here is exactly as it appears in the text- it is however a literary text so maybe the unconventional use (or lack) of punctuation is a literary device?
  5. ABBA Stanza Senior Member

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    Sounds good. :thumbsup:

    A device, yes, but not just a literary device. For example, stand-up comedians will often say things this way, too, because formulating a sentence like this often packs more "punch" than its grammatically perfect counterpart.


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