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    I'm reviewing a glossary of legal terms and I've come across this word: "stay order," and I really don't know what it means. What is a stay order? The Spanish translation is: ¿Orden de suspensión," but I still am not sure. Any help as it doesn't seem to be in Wikipedia or WR.

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    A "Stay Order" means that the matter will wait until later. No immediate decision by the judge. No actions allowed by the attorneys or the parties. The matter will be decided later.

    It often happens when there are two lawsuits involving the same item. One suit issues a "Stay Order" -- meaning the suit will just wait until the other suit is decided and finished. Then the "Stay" will be "Lifted" and the delayed suit will go forward.
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    Buenos días, más que orden de suspensión, al tratarse de una comunicación judicial, me inclinaría por auto de suspensión.
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    Hello. If this will help any, please allow me to share something with you.

    I have a background and experience in the Immigration field in the United States. A 'Stay of Removal' is, of course, an order to 'stay' (or temporarily suspend) the removal process ('removal' means deportation).

    It doesn't CANCEL the removal. But it temporarily suspends it in order to allow the removal candidate to fight his case (if he wishes to do so). So if he were scheduled to be put on an airplane this coming Friday to be deported, the "Stay of Removal" will suspend it and keep his removal in suspension, pending any motions that he or his attorney might file on his behalf in order to seek relief from the Immigration Judge.

    Of course, "Stay of Removal" orders must be submitted on a very timely basis, because you're competing on I.C.E's schedule and they deport as fast as they can. Once the "Stay of Removal" is approved by the Immigration Judge, it must immediately be reported to I.C.E. in order for the removal candidate to be taken off the flight schedule. Thus, the removal candidate's case will remain pending to give him a chance to seek other forms of relief if he's eligible, while he's still in Removal Proceedings.

    The "Stay of Removal" loses its effect once it has been decided before the Immigration Judge that he is not eligible and should be deported (removed).

    So yes, that's why in Spanish a "Stay Order" is: Orden de suspensión. And... for Immigration purposes, it would be "Orden temporal para suspender la deportación" ... or "Orden temporal de suspension de deportación".

    Hope this helps.
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    Hello, incaprincess, and many thanks for the explanation. I wasn't aware that you would use 'Stay Order' in this context. If so, I would then agree that the appropiate word is 'Orden', and not 'Auto', as the decision seems to be an administrative decision.
    Can we use 'Stay Order' in other contexts? Abrazo.
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    Hola Bolavà,

    Pues, de verdad, no me he podido explicar bien la diferencia entre orden y auto. Quizá en este caso los dos puedan valer, pero no estoy del todo seguro.

    Aveces uno ve orden y en otras ocasiones uno ve auto. Por ejemplo, en algunos países se denomina el arrest order como: orden de detención en otros como el auto de detención, y en México creo que dicen: orden de aprehensión. Entonces, creo que no hay mucha diferencia en algunos contextos y puede depender mucho del país, el traductor (si hay), y el uso en ese país.

    A lo mejor alguien con más conocimiento sobre el tema nos puede explicar la diferencia entre auto y orden; el DRAE no lo explica claramente en mi opinión.

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    Hola Bolavá...
    Since you're in Spain, there are many words and expressions that are familiar and correct for Spaniards that are uncommon here in the Americas. I am not familiar with 'auto'. "Stay Order" is not just an US-Immigration term. If you Google "stay order", you'll find many contexts in which it's found. Sometimes it's abbreviated and just called a "Stay". For example, a "Stay of Removal", and "Stay of Execution", "Stay of proceedings", "Stay of Action", "Stay of Enforcement", y asi sucesivamente... You can google all these expressions and you'll see some substantial information about it.
    Abrazos y bendiciones: -Incaprincess
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    Many thanks for the explanations Perrito and Incaprincess, I perfectly understood your words. Have a nice day!

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