Stay safe.

Discussion in 'עברית (Hebrew)' started by Clara_, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Clara_ Senior Member

    French - France
    Hello everyone,
    are there any other/nicer ways of saying "stay safe" (plural) than: שמרו על עצמכם ?
    In the context of being careful, taking shelter from rockets.
    Thank you very much.

    Stay safe. :)
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  2. ashmash Member

    שמרו על עצמכם sounds alright.
    הצילו את נפשותיכם can work too.
    תהיו חזקים can also work in this context.
  3. itzik200 New Member

    הצילו את נפשותיכם is a little bit awkward in speaking language. More of a term to use in a high register text.
    שמרו על עצמכם sounds like what you're looking for. תהיו חזקים is also great, as ashmash said.
  4. ashmash Member

    The original query was: "are there any other/nicer ways of saying "stay safe" (plural) than: שמרו על עצמכם ?"
    What is nicer than a high register? :cool:
  5. Stifled Member

    I agree with Itzik; הצילו את נפשותיכם sounds to me more 'over dramatic' than high register, something like: run for it!!! save yourselfs!!!

    A more subtle way would be simply: שמרו על נפשותיכם, though It's not rife in spoken language these days.:thumbsdown:
  6. itzik200 New Member

    I guess Clara wanted to send wishes to someone in Israel, due to what's happening right now.
    So it looks like שמרו על עצמכם or תהיו חזקים are the best expressions to use in that case.

    I agree with stifled that I might have been incorrect for categorizing "הצילו את נפשותיכם" under high register.
    Like he said, the term is more "over dramtic" rather than a high register.

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  7. Clara_ Senior Member

    French - France
    Thank you for your quality answers, as always!
  8. arielipi Senior Member

    its not over-dramatic - its simply not correct with stay safe!
    its simply = save your souls!!( in other words save yourselves!!)

    the other two are great ones though.

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