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    I am looking for the best way to express the English phrase, "Stay strong!" or, "Be encouraged!" in Greek.

    Context: I want to motivate my friend to stay focused on their work.

    Perhaps there is a set idiom or phrase for this term of encouragement in Greek, if not I'd highly appreciate the closest and perhaps most widely used equivalent. If Greek is gender sensitive please give both ways of saying it. Also, I'd love it if you write it in Greek and also transliterate? Sorry for all the requests , thanks a ton in advance.
  2. Perseas Senior Member


    perhaps: Καλή δύναμη! (Good strength) or Θάρρος χρειάζεται!/ Μη χάνεις το θάρρος σου! (Keep up your courage)
  3. Queue-94 New Member

    Thank you very much. So, for example, could you say Θάρρος χρειάζεται to male and female? And how is it pronounced?
  4. Perseas Senior Member

    Yes, everything I wrote goes for both genders. It is /'θaros xri'azete/. Maybe other members have more suggestions.
  5. Αγγελος Senior Member

    "Καλή δύναμη" is probably best, but you could also simply say "Κουράγιο!" (pronounced [kurájo] and just meaning "(have) courage!").
  6. Andrious Senior Member

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