steady jabs


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C'est un match de boxe. UN des boxeurs est plus gros et dynamique. L'autre décide de le laisser s'épuiser pendant les deux premiers rounds, "while I kept him at bay with steady jabs".

J'avais d'abord écrit "avec des coups d'arrêt", mais finalement, je doute. (Je peux vous avouer ici que je ne connais strictement rien à la boxe).

Merci d'avance.
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    "coups d'arrêt" are counterpunches. archijacq is probably right, as usual, but a jab, for a right-hander, is a blow to the face that ends with the left arm fully extended, meant to keep the opponent off-balance and at a distance. Jabs are not usually powerful, but a jab from Joe Louis or Rocky Marciano could rock an opponent back on his heels.


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    I don't know which dictionary is being consulted. What would be the translation of the far more powerful "straight right" and "right cross"
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