steak: rare, medium-rare, medium, well-done

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  1. arvind Member

    Trinidad, English

    Quand on commande un bifteck au restaurant, il y a plusiers degrés de cuisson qu'on peut préciser. J'ai cherché des traductions pour ces mots mais il m'en manque un:

    rare - saignant
    medium-rare - à point
    medium - ??
    well done - bien cuit

    Quelqu'un le connait?
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  2. beri Senior Member

    don't you mean

    à point
    bien cuit

  3. jemamah New Member

    Arabic, English, French
    Hi, every body,
    To be honest nothing is funny as people discussing and learning!!!
    By the way as fare as I’m concern there is 5 ways of cooking a steak.

    1- Rare = Bleu (core temperature 45/47 C )
    2- Medium rare = saignant ( core temperatue 50/52C )
    3- Medium = A point ( core temperature 55/60 C )
    4- Medium well = cuit ( core temperature 63/65C )
    5- Well done = bien cuit ( core temperature 70/72C )

    Hope this help.
  4. bubbs64 Senior Member

    UK, English
    The problem is that what is considered "rare" or "well done" in France is not the same as what would be called "rare" or "well done" in, say Britain.
    As a general rule, however, I would go with:

    Bleu - very rare
    Saignant - rare
    A point - medium
    Bien cuit - well done
    Carbonisé - very well done
  5. bobepine

    bobepine Senior Member

    Canada, English & French
    As someone who eats her steak "bleu", I certainly agree that ordering my steak "rare" will not work, at least here in Quebec.

    Of course, I'll just be adding to the confusion when I say that here, we use

    Bleu - very rare, or even blue rare
    Saignant - rare
    Medium saignant - medium rare (yep, we use "medium", much to the chagrin of the OLF)
    Medium - medium
    Bien cuit - well done
  6. jswching New Member

    Cantonese, English

    Hi there
    I was just in Bordeaux, France for summer vacation. And I learnt from the French restaurant that they told me that medium is known as rosé. I am asking my French friend for confirmation.
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  7. jemamah New Member

    Arabic, English, French
    I Do agree with the terminilogy as the Rosé mean Pinky ,,,By the way the medium (a point) cooking steak has a Pink Line in the middle, so they say Rosé(Pinky) instead of a point.
  8. Crème Brulée Senior Member

    Ireland (English)
    I disagree on one point mainly
    Bleu is actually Blue in English. We do say that.

    and for the rest:

    Rare: saignant
    medium rare: à point
    Medium: cuit
    Well done: bien cuit
  9. wildan1

    wildan1 Moderando ma non troppo (French-English, CC Mod)


    If you want any pink in your steak in the US, you need to say "medium-rare" -- "medium" will usually result in the steak being cooked to the same gray color all the way through.

    underdone is BE only - we would say rare in AE

    bleu is very rare in the US (but almost no one but foreigners would order that. If the chef isn't actually French, it is unlikely that it will be as "bleu" as it would be in France).
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  10. istanza Senior Member

    Français - Québec

    -And regarding the "rosé" that someone mentioned, I never heard that for a steak, neither in France nor in Québec. Maybe for some veal, calf liver or other type of meat, but not for a steak...

    Interesting thread though :)
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  11. chartiste New Member

    in France there is also this expression "à peine saisi" : in fact, you put your steak in the pan, you return it immediatly and you serve : the steak is raw inside but "cooked" on the outside...
  12. Keith Bradford

    Keith Bradford Senior Member

    Brittany, NW France
    English (Midlands UK)
    Perhaps the best advice for French visitors to Britain is to do as I do, and ask the nationality of the chef before ordering. If he's English, I ask for my steak rare; if he's French (many chefs in Britain are), I ask for it medium. The results are much the same.
  13. Professor_Guitar New Member

    I spend some time each year in and around Bordeaux - rosé is used there, at least in some restaurants, in reference to beef.
  14. Bouk

    Bouk Senior Member

    French - France
    On n'utilisera pas "rosé" pour un steak mais pour de plus grosse pièce de bœuf (rôti, tournedos...)
    Par-contre "rosé" est très utilisé pour les viandes blanches traditionnellement servie cuites (porc, veau, volaille...) et surtout pour l'agneau.
    Pour les poissons (Thon, Espadon...) on parle de "mi-cuit"
  15. Nawaq Senior Member

    français (France)
    I like old threads I guess, just to say that people definitely say "rosé" here, my father always asked for his steak (avec des frites) to be "rosé". It was in a "base plein air", so à la bonne franquette, maybe people do things different there.

    Just a small addition.

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