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Hi everybody,

I’ve been reading some threats talking about the verb 'steal' and its use when 'stealing something from somewhere', as in 'I stole food from a supermarket'.

However, if I want to express that I've removed something from someone, in a violent or friendly way, is it possible to say 'steal something from someone' too?

As my question here is how to use it, as I guess a thief steals something (i.e. he stole my bag) but it is not possible to 'steal someone' (as someone is not an object that can be stolen), so it would be wrong and the only way would be 'stealing something from someone'.

Are these situations correct?

I like stealing caps from boys - If I like to wear my friends' caps and remove them from their head in a friendly way.
I like to steal clothes from my sister - In this case I'm not sure if its correct or it would be better to say 'I like to steal clothes from my sister's wardrobe', but it wouldn't be stealing directly from her (removing the clothes she is wearing)

I'd appreciate your support here

Thank you !
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    Your sentences are correct but not used properly. You would borrow your sisters clothes (perhaps).
    You would tease your friends by removing their caps. When you steal something, you don't plan to return it
    and you don't want the person you stole from to know it was you.
    You can steal someone. It's called kidnapping.

    Where are your Spanish sentences so that we can evaluate each and give the appropriate usage? This is a forum for translations.


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    Hola Elea: Primero nos interesa conjugar bien el verbo :

    as in 'I stoled food from a supermarket'.
    I stole food ....(steal, stole, stolen) Lo tienes mal varias veces en tu enunciado.

    As my question here is how to use it, as I guess a thief steals something (i.e. he stoled my bag) but it is not possible to 'steal someone'
    Hombre, en teoría sí, pero cambia de verbo a pesar de que el hecho es el mismo.

    The little girl was stolen se dice ya que el verbo sería "abducted or kidnapped", pero en teoría es lo mismo que robar , claro.

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    Hola eleaumad
    No podemos explicar todas los posibles usos de este verbo. Este foro es parte de un diccionario y en cada hilo necesitamos un único ejemplo claro para traducir.
    Por favor danos una oración completa en español como punto de partida.
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