Stealing them blind

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  1. bb-bas Senior Member

    Hello, I don't really get the meaning of "Stealing them blind" . No special context, sorry, it was a title of an article;). I found a French translation "vol aveugle" but seems I am really stupid, still don't get the meaning :confused:
    Can anybody help - I mean explain it to me,please????????
  2. strathspey Senior Member

    English - US

    In the US we would tend to say "rob someone blind", meaning the same thing, which is basically to steal everything (or an awful lot) from someone.

    We might use it in the context of being tricked in a commercial transaction, it seems to might say to a friend afterward that "They robbed me blind!". I don't know where this expression came from, but maybe the inference is that it is easy to steal from someone who is blind...? Not very politically correct when you think about it, but there you are.
  3. bb-bas Senior Member

    Waw, that was fast!!! And yes, now I DO inderstand, thank you very much! And as for "politically correct, well, stealing everything is not politically correct or simply correct either, is it?:) Thanks a lot Strathpey!
    Now I'm not sure about French "vol aveugle" as translation - I've never heard it used before finding the translation on th Internet- not sure it is right:(
    Anyway, thanks a lot!!!!!!

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