stealth marketing

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  1. jabopa New Member

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    I'd be grateful if someone could provide a French translation for 'stealth marketing'. I understand it is marketing that is done by acting out a scene in a crowded place, like promoting a product to someone, but the real target is the people sitting at the other tables, who overhear and get the commercial message without being aware that they're being targeted.
    Thanks a lot for your help.
  2. Sbonke Senior Member

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    Je crois avoir trouvé : "marketing furtif" :)

    Edit: apparemment "undercover marketing" s'emploie aussi en français
  3. jabopa New Member

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    Thanks a lot, Sbonka.
  4. Lezert

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    Et oui, 5000 ans d'évolutions humaine, pour arriver au marketing déguisé :(

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