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Como se dice "steam grate" en espanol? Por ejemplo, en Filadelfia, Pensilvania en el invierno, a veces los desamparados duermen en "steam grates" en la acera.

Quizas, chimeneas de ventilacion de vapor?
  • ruru2006

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    I don't know of a term in Spanish for steam grate. But grate is parilla. The system in Phila, may not be something you'd find in most Latin American countries for obvious reasons(Geography). I suggest you 'explain' it in your translation, just like apuquipa - parrillas en la acera por donde sale vapor.

    Chimeneas de ventilacion de vapor does not really cut it.


    Argentina, spanish
    Hi, I think the better way to say it in spanish is "alcantarilla". "Parrilla" has another meaning in South America.
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