Steel-toe heart.

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    'Dear old mama, I got news for you. Got a steel-toe heart and a bad tattoo.'
    I'm wondering about what 'steel-toe heart' in the quote above means. I know 'heart of steel' might be used to describe a person who is not affected emotionally, but what does '-toe' mean?
    [Lyrics are from the song 'Save me' by Wiktoria. DonnyB - moderator]
    Thanks in advance.
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    I would guess the writer means that their heart is strong like a steel-toe boot.
    Steel-toe boot - Wikipedia
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    "Steel toe" might have a two-fold association. Steel, naturally, suggests something hard, unyielding, perhaps even liable to hurt others. Obviously, though, a reference is being made to steel-toe boots, used as protective gear by manual laborers, which present the image of a humble or lower-class worker, tough, practical and with few illusions.
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    This is referring to workmen's boots which have steel toe-caps to protect their feet from accidental injury.


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