steep price vs. fancy price vs. illegal price


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Hi, I would like to ask that which of the followings mean "unusually or too expensive" ?

1) Steep price : I have bought the pencil at a steep price (self-made sentence)

2) Illegal price: I have bought the pencil at a steep price (self-made sentence)

3) Fancy price : I have paid a fancy price for an ordinary pen

The problem is self-made but there are some sources.

Sources: Idiom : Fancy price , meaning and usage

Thank you
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    1. I don't think I would use "steep price" for a pencil ... how expensive can a pencil be? (I recognize there may be extraordinarily expensive pencils I'm unaware of, but the context suggests your average pencil shopper.)

    2. I wouldn't use "illegal price" no matter what.

    3. I think this is on its way to being a good sentence. It's all right the way it is, but it would be better as "I paid a fancy price for a plain pen." Fancy is the opposite of plain, as it is of ordinary, just not quite so much.


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    Both "steep price" and "fancy price" mean that the price was high. "Illegal price" means a price that does not comply with a price set by law. That does not say if the price is high or low. If a government passed a law that a litre of petrol cost one pound then selling the petrol at any other price would be selling at an illegal price.
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