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    Buenos días,

    Tengo una duda con respecto a esta frase:
    "Activity refers to obtaining the required approvals related to vetting, port & terminal, management, legal, stem & others" La traducción sería:
    "Obtiene la aprobación requerida con respecto a la evaluación, puertos y terminales, gestión, términos legales, stem y otros.

    El contexto de esto es transporte marítimo de productos del petróleo.

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    I see that: "Shipping stem" describes details as to the movement and loading of ships in a particular port.
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    Thanks for you help, now it's clearer for me; but I still need a translation of the word, I guess it should be a translation :confused:, so if you can help me with the word I´ll appreciate it :thumbsup:.
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    I know this is an old one but...

    STEM in shipping means: Subject To Enough Merchandise (availability of cargo).
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    No problem, any help is welcome any time, so Thanks :D

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