1. imagine New Member

    Translate: Step Mother

  2. bernik Senior Member

    Brittany - french
    If you look up the word in the WR dictionary at the top of the screen,
    it says: belle-mère
  3. imagine New Member

    Yes but it also said "mother in law" so I just wanted to be sure. Thanks a lot!
  4. bernik Senior Member

    Brittany - french
    yes, the french word is ambiguous.
    Usually, is means mother in law.
    But the same word can be used for a stepmother.
    So, if you are talking about your stepmother, you may have to give more detail to remove the ambiguity.
  5. jpdeweerdt Member

    French - Belgium
    you will also find 'marâtre' for stepmother, but this is an old expression (found in Snowwhite, Cinderella,...)

    Nowadays, une belle-mère is indeed ambiguous (I am talking about the word, of course, not the woman :D)

    Jean paul
  6. Agnès E.

    Agnès E. Senior Member

    France, French
    Yes, indeed.
    I remember having used the phrase le mari de ma mère to clearly talk about my step-father when I got married, as I then had... two beaux-pères!! :p

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