step out on


A group of tourists excitedly get off the shuttle bus at the Skywalk, the highlight of their tour of the Grand Canyon. They wait in line to climb a metal staircase leading to the glass-bottomed platform. As they approach its entrance, some people grow visibly nervous. They are given booties to wear over their shoes to protect the glass. And they step out on the transparent walkway, 1.200 meters above the canyon floor--twice the height of Taipei 101.

When "step out on" is translated into Chinese, "out" is often omitted. But I'd like to make sure of its meaning. Does it mean "outward/out (of the ground) on the transparent walkway?" Thanks.
  • mjscott

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    American English
    Step out on means that whatever they step out on is supported by a canteliever--so that it looks like they're stepping out into mid-air with nothing but the canyon base 1200 meters below.


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    "Step out on" adds a visual element, in my estimation, of how people are nervous when approaching the walkway, perhaps gingerly stepping out onto the glass surface and apparent void. I think this subtle note may have been purposefully sought out by the English redactors.