Step Over / Wind Up body (Football)

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    Hi there!

    I am translating some football texts and can't seem to find the right word for this dribble: "the step over". Any football expert out there willing to help me? I now it is a "regate", but I need to be more specific, as I have many other types of "regates" and this one seems to be a special one...

    Another word I have doubts about: "wind-up" your body. Might this be translated as "fintar o fintear"

    Thxs in advance
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    I can't really offer a translation, but you might want to search for videos of the manoeuvre, as made famous by Manchester United's Ronaldo. The left and right feet are moved over the ball in quick succession several times, leaving the defender unsure in which direction he will eventually take the ball.

    Could you give more context for "wind-up", please?

    Sorry for writing all this in English.
  3. lapartisana Member

    Thanks for your help, but the problem is that I need a name for that Ronaldo thing :(
    It's not just a "regate" and I can't seem to find it's translation into Spanish.
    Regarding the "wind-up", it's in the context of a dribbling explanation. I believe it is a "finta" in Spanish, but want to confirm with a football fan.
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    Al "step over" se lo conoce en español como "bicicleta". Mira esta respuesta en este hilo (es el post #27):

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