''Step Up''.... What it means?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Michi59, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. Michi59 Member

    It has diferents explanations and I hard it a lot in that reality show 'The Aprenticie' the one that Donald Trump host!

    What is it?
  2. xqby

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    How are the people on the show using this phrase? You are correct in saying that is has different meanings (at least I think that's what you're saying).
  3. boriszcat

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    Step up means to be more aggressive or assertive, to come to the front and lead.
  4. tepatria Senior Member

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    It means do your part, take responsibility, be a leader and others, depending on the specific context.
  5. GreenWhiteBlue

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    Also note that in natural modern English, one should say "What does it mean?", and not "What it means?" Even in older (and now archaic) forms of English, in which the simple present was used in questions, the question would be phrased as "What means it?" and not "What it means?"
  6. Michi59 Member

    GreenWhiteBlue you are absolutely right. My mistake, thank you!

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