stepped up into the void

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Source: Members Of Elite Baltimore Police Task Force Are On Trial For Corruption

<Wednesday is the final day of a major corruption trial centered on the Baltimore Police Department. >

FENTON: I mean, officers that I know are saying that they can't believe this kind of stuff went on. They say that in their wildest dreams, they wouldn't think that someone was carrying out robberies and home break-ins and all these different crazy things that have come out in testimony.

At the same time, one of the arguments the defense is making is that post-Freddie Gray, with surging violence, it opened the door for this kind of stuff, that the agency was eager to get officers who were willing to go out there, get guns, work hard, work long hours, that there was a morale crisis and that officers like these seemingly stepped up into the void. So now the agency is trying to figure out, how do we rein this in?
Hi everyone! How should I understand the bold part? Thanks in advance.
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