steps <into><onto> this role


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I wonder whether it is wrong to say "he steps onto this role" here. It appears to me that the new President of Harvard indeed steps onto the stage of one of the most, if not the most, renowned high education.


GAZETTE: President Faust, is there one piece of advice you would offer your friend as he steps into this role?

FAUST: Make sure you do things that just give you joy. There is so much around this campus. In the myriad of choices and obligations that people will present to you, make sure you put lots of them in there that you enjoy.

-By Colleen Walsh Harvard Staff Writer

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    It is wrong. A role is not a stage. He steps into the role of President, on the stage that is Harvard.


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    A role is a part in a play, etc. (but also, by extension, any type of position).

    An actor steps onto the stage to play his part/role.
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