stereotype & cliché

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Hi everyone, can someone tell me the diference between the two wrods stereotype and cliché? thanks in advance

Cheers ;)

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    This comes from WordReference:

    stereotype [steri:ətaɪp, steri:əʊtaɪp]
    A noun
    1 stereotype

    a conventional or formulaic conception or image; "regional stereotypes have been part of America since its founding"

    cliche [kli:ʃeɪ]
    A noun
    1 platitude, cliche, banality, commonplace, bromide

    a trite or obvious remark

    I would translate: stereotype = estereotipo; and cliché: tópico, lugar común.

    I hope it helps!


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    Hello Janna,

    Eva has given good definitions. I'll try to illustrate with examples.

    Stereotype: [please note that this may have a grain or two of truth to it!] An American tourist, wearing shorts and a multi-colored shirt, talking very loudly to a local person in some European country.
    Another: A politician [pick the country of your choice], using many big words, making promises no mortal could keep.

    A cliche is a trite remark, which when first used was original, but has become stale through overuse:

    all's fair in love and war
    a young man's fancy

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