sterile vs. infertile

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Daffodil100, Dec 8, 2010.

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    Could someone tell me what the difference between 'infertile' and 'sterile'? I looked up the dictionary, but found them almost same.

    Thank you!
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    "Infertile" means that reproduction is difficult, but possible. "Sterile" means it is impossible.
  3. Renaissance man Senior Member

    Shenno, that's a definition of the word that may not be universally recognized. I think most dictionaries would list them as more or less exact synonyms.

    Of course, sterile can also mean clinically clean, devoid of particles, as in "a sterile hospital environment".
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    True, but I assumed Daffodil was looking for a technical distinction.

    I've also heard "infertile" applied to women vs "sterile" to men, though I don't know about that distinction.
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    Since we have noted in this thread a nuance or two that I wasn't aware of, I will "tweak" this one for completeness! In a microbiology world, sterile means "free of infectious particles" : I can test a dose of a drug for "sterility" and it is sterile if there are no viable organisms present. Clean rooms can be "particle-free" or "sterile" often likely to be both.

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