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Hi, WRPs .

I had a trip to a desert area a week ago.I came across an amazing strange insect .It looks like as if it were a stick walking on a leave.No equivalnce so far found I on my dictionary .
My request is :
Could you please name this insect in :
Spanish , French , Italy , Hebrew , Arabic , British , American ...ect.

I attached its photo

Thanks in advance

Ayed's regards
  • ayed

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    Thank you very much, Diegodbs and Poul.
    So far I have two languages : Sapnish and Danish .
    Still waiting


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    Catalan, Spanish
    I've looked it up in the dictionary, and I think in Catalan it's called Insecte bastó, but I'm not sure enough...

    (I'm a city girl, to me all are bugs... :D)


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    Spanish, Spain, Catalan, Mallorca
    In English you call it "stick insect" I believe.

    In "A bug's life", the Disney movie, one of the main characters is a stick insect. In one of my favorite scenes, he is hidden between real sticks and one of his friends is looking for him.

    Xxx (I don't remember the name) Where are you where are you??

    And he answers "I am here, I am here, I am the only stick with eyes!!!!"

    Ps: OMG Ayed, thank you for opening this thread. I was goggling for "stick insect" and I found such a funny page: The British Stick Insect Foundation.

    Everything is a joke there, but it is written as it is serious. I am cracking (no pun intended) up!!


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    Italy - Italian
    In Italian that's "insetto stecco" (which sounds like the literal translation of the English "stick insect" ;) )



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    Portuguese (Portugal)
    In Portuguese it's inse(c)to pau, as in English and Spanish. The letter "c" can be left out.

    For those who aren't familiar with these funny little bugs, I found a web page about them.
    P.S. Note that this is neither a cricket nor a praying mantis!
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