stick to the registry

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From TV series Casual,

Alex wants to send her exgirlfriend a gift for her wedding. He's asking for advice. Val doesn't want him to send any gifts. But Alex insists. Then Val says:
Valerie - But you're gonna stick to the registry. Get him a potato ricer.
Alex - No wonder you never get invited out.

What does stick to the registry mean? Thank you.
  • dermott

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    B.E. via Australian English
    It probably refers to a wedding gift register. Couples getting married often draw up a list of wedding gifts they would like to receive. "Stick to the registry" = buy a gift on the list. Whether a potato ricer would be on the list is another matter. It's probably a joke.

    suzi br

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    It seems that the woman (Val) is jealous or at least trying to stop him doing something rash. She is saying "play safe, buy something very functional and practical". I suppose she is also saying " Do not go using your imaganation, e.g spending a lot or buying an emotionally powerful gift."

    I don't really know why this prompts Alex's response, perhaps he thinks she is being the opposite of "romantic".
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