Sticky quarters


Ciao, chiedo il vostro aiuto perché ho una piccola incertezza.
Ho difficoltà a rendere "sticky quarters" in questo contesto: "How to wash my clothes in the laundromat, with sticky quarters and little packets of powder from the vending machine".

Si tratta di una ragazza che è al verde e deve imparare a sopravvivere con poco, quindi spendere poco in luoghi dove dormire, cibo, bucato in lavanderia a gettoni, ecc..
Capisco i "quarti di dollaro" ma non riesco a collegarlo con sticky.
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  • Valexcrash

    Or maybe they're sticky because they'd been in contact with something like candy that had melted in your pocket.
    That was my first idea.

    When I read it, the first thing that came to mind were quarters that "stick" in the slots when you try to put them in, which makes it hard to use the machine. I don't know what washing machines in Italian laundromats look like, but a lot of North American ones look like this: Laundry day. Quarters in the slots of a washing machine at the laundromat.. If you've got a quarter that's not perfectly regular, it can cause problems.
    Very interesting, it didn't come to my mind, but it's a possible interpretation.
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