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Mr Bones

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Hello. What's the meaning of being stiff down? I'll give you the whole paragraph where I read it:

He said, ‘How are you today, Mrs Whittaker?’ She says, ‘Stiff down
one side.’ I said, ‘She had a fall yesterday.’ She says, ‘I never did.’ I said,
‘You did, Mother. You had a fall, then you ran into Mr Turnbull (A chip in the sugar, Allan Bennett).

Thanks in advance. Mr Bones.
  • maxiogee

    You've highlighted the wrong parts, it should be "Stiff down one side."
    One side of her body is 'stiff', moving it is difficult for her, as if she has pulled some muscles.

    suzi br

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    Oh, I love this monologue.

    You are embarking on very English matters when you read Alan Bennett. Feel free to ask about anything that you don't "get" in his work, I'm more than happy to help you.

    If you can buy yourself a cassette tape or DVD of these in performance I'm sure you'll enjoy them even more.

    Mr Bones

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    Yes, suzi. I'm having a great time with it. I think it's fantastic, but quite difficult too. I think I'm going to ask several questions in the following days. Thank you. Mr Bones.