1. traducteur efficace Senior Member

    In what case are used AGAIN/ YET/ STILL to say "encore" ?
    Please give me a rule, my biggest hesitation is between Yet and Still, I already know that again is used for a repetition, but if anybody could give me a rule, I would be the happiest of all the members !
    Thanks by advance.
    Say it to me if don't speak correctly english. (even in this sentence)
  2. Kergouet Senior Member

    I don't know that there's a rule that covers it all.

    Il a demandé encore He asked again One more time
    Il n' pas encore demandé He has not asked yet He has not asked the question but may later. Yet tends to come at the end of the scentence. To get the same sense using still you could say - "He has still not asked the question".Il lui manque encore la réponse He still does not have the answer He has not received the answer to his question at this time. Still would in this sense come after the personal pronoun. To get the same meaning using yet you would say "He does not have the answer yet".

    Hope this helps a bit

    Your last scentence should be "Tell me if I don't speak English correctly"

    All the best
  3. geostan

    geostan Senior Member

    English Canada
    Again means one more time, as suggested above.
    Still in an affirmative sentence means that the state or action is continuing.
    Yet in an affirmative sentence could mean however, but as a time word it is often added to "As" As Yet, I haven't received an answer. Another example where I would use yet is: He has yet to arrive on time, meaning that up until the present he has never arrived on time.

    In the case of a negative, using an example from the previous post, I would say that...

    "He has still not asked the question". means that he has continued not to ask the question, despite an expectation or hope that he would.
    "He has not yet asked the question". means essentially the same thing without the expectation or hope implied in the previous sentence.

    I may be reading something into this that isn't really there, but if there is a distinction, that would be my interpretation.

    Perhaps others can add something to it.
  4. moustic Senior Member

    near Limoges
    British English
    Again = repetition (you already know that one)
    It's raining again. (= il "re-pleut")

    Still = continuing process
    It's still raining. (= il pleut encore / toujours - ça n'a pas cessé)

    Yet = quelque chose de prévu ou prévisible - on imagine que la pluie est annoncée, tu passes la tête dehors et quelqu'un à l'intérieur te demande si la pluie tombe.
    Is it raining yet? (= ça y est - il pleut ?)
    No, not yet (= non, pas encore)

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