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Topic phrase: still young abandoned
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Source: Einstein-Life and times

Einstein is certain to get even more critical study as the deeper implications of his work continue to be investigated. < ---- >

But something more than these specialist portraits, each with Einstein at the center of a technical argument, emerges from digging hard into the documents, and from a critical appraisal of the myth and reminiscence which have grown around his memory in the last two or three decades. It is the picture of a man who can, without exaggeration, be called one of the great tragic figures of our time. It is the picture of man who while still young abandoned, with all the passion of the convinced monastic, much of what life had to offer - and who was shot back into the struggle by the unobliging stumble of history.

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    The topic phrase is incomplete. A man who, while still young, abandoned...

    The man abandoned much of what life had to offer. He did this when he was still young.
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