stinct working [stint]

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Yasna Saleki

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Hi there,

"Today we have in the studio Tom Davies, who has recently returned from a year's stinct working as a volunteer in Nepal."

I've read this in the audioscript of CAE Result book. My problem is that I cannot find the meaning of the word "stinct" in my dictionaries. Is it an English word? If yes, could you please let me know what it exactly means? The meaning I can guess from the context is self-sacrificing, self-less ,or self-forgetting... Am I on the right track?:confused:

Thanks in advance
  • Yasna Saleki

    New Member
    Thanks a lot GMF1991 for your prompt reply. Supposing, according to what you said, it is "stint", what does it mean now? I guess in this case it's a noun meaning a period of time that you spend doing a particular activity. Am I right?:rolleyes:


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    English (UK, Suffolk)
    Yes, a "stint" just refers to a period of time... or, as stated by the WR dictionary "an allotted or fixed amount of work".

    So he did a "year's stint" of work in Nepal as a volunteer.

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