sting and juice of the pain


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Hello, in an interview with Pierce Brosnan (see the article Bound By love at<br/>) I came across this expression. I have an idea what he was trying to say (he refers to bee or wasp poison injected into a sting, doesn't he?). But I would like to know whether it is a commonly used phrase or just Brosnan's own metaphore (the internet seems to say B is correct). Thank you.

When he met Roman Polanski they discussed, among other matters, the pain of losing a wife; Philip in Love Is All You Need has been consumed by the same pain. Was it difficult to play? ''No, it's quite cathartic. It's useful,'' Brosnan says. ''It was Philip's life: the crash and the cold night, the anger, was his life. The sting and juice of pain that was yours is something else and you just blend the sense memory of that in the palette.''

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    This is an interesting question, ewanek. My speculation is that "the juice of pain" is the energy that Brosnan got from his own painful experiences. "The sting of pain" means something like "the genuine pain I felt". Brosnan has combined the two in one phrase. Other members may well interpret this phrase differently.


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    "Sting of pain" is the feeling of pain. By "juice" is he referring, metaphorically, to fluid, e.g. blood, puss, etc.? I find this a very odd statement to read, and am wondering if there was much more stress on the "something else" in the actual interview.
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