stinging, shooting, piercing pain

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Are stinging, shooting, piercing, pain synonyms, or there are differences between them? And what is stabbing pain? Is it a sensation like someone was stabbing a pointed object at me ? (so similar to the previous ones)?
There's no context, only my random thoughts.
  • Andygc

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    They are all ways of describing pain, and they mean whatever the person saying them thinks they mean. Since people who say "I have a stabbing pain" have rarely been stabbed, you can assume that they think the pain is like what the pain would be if they were being stabbed. Now, do you have a specific question? As it says in the forum guidelines:

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    We answer specific questions about words or phrases in a complete sentence with context and background in a respectful, helpful and cordial manner.

    I don't think we deal with random thoughts.
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