stingy when giving grades

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In my country, we use the equivalent of the adjective stingy to describe a teacher or professor who sets a (very) high standard and normally gives a low grade or mark. If you want to get a high grade or mark in your classes, you must really be exceptional.

I understand that stingy is only applied to money. What adjective or expression do you use to describe such teachers?
  • pickarooney

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    English (Ireland)
    I wouldn't have any problem with the use of 'stingy' in this context.
    You could use a word like 'exigent' but it's not a very common word. There's another one which I just can't think of right now.


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    USA, English
    When I in college one of my professors said on the first day of class,

    'A' is for God; 'B' is for me; 'C's and 'D's are for those of you who work your asses off, and 'F' is for the rest.

    "Stingy" works for me. It is a commonly used word, easily understood and expresses the notion perfectly.
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