Stint, spell, span

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Dear frieds,

Could someone help me with these words, all of them are related to time and period of time but I can't tell the difference:

Stint: Is a period of time,
Spell: Is used in weather periods (rain spell, dry spell..), but also for a period of time
Span: A short while? A span of time is a lapse (another period of time)

Thank you in advance!

  • Biffo

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    Hello Aleix and welcome to the forum!

    The forum has an excellent dictionary (see the top of the page).

    A stint is a period of work.

    1 an allotted period of work.

    • 1 a short period of time.
    • Austral./NZ a period of rest from work.

    2 the length of time for which something lasts

    The soldier did a stint of guard duty.
    He went outside for a spell. (Mainly AmE)
    He was a good man and did good deeds for the span of his lifetime.


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    catalán, castellano
    Thanks a milion Biffo!. You've been very kind.

    Despite of having look it up before, I didn't understand clearly. Now is very clear.

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