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"And it was really remarkable that my father made a success of that smal business
just by stint of hard work, persistence, commitment, and a belief that he could".

The word "stint" was not familiar to me, so it has been looked up. However right
the phrase sounds, it oozes a whiff of ungrammatical use.
Can You give me a hand?

  • WyomingSue

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    The usual phrase is "by dint of hard work":
    WR dictionary dint /dɪnt/ n
    • by dint of ⇒ by means or use of: by dint of hard work
    Probably your unstated source made a mistake. (Normally you should include your source when asking a question about something you've read or heard.)
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    Yes, it seems to be the writer's confusion of several phrases:

    by dint of hard work [= by means of hard work, using hard work]
    a stint of hard work [= a period or session of hard work]
    unstinting hard work [= unceasing hard work, not easing up]


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    This is from a transcript of a speech by Hilary Rodham Clinton, then U.S. Secretary of State, in April 2010. It was prepared from a recording of what she said, as evidenced by the appearance of "(inaudible)" when the transcriber couldn't figure out a word, not from a written version of her speech. She indeed appears to say stint, not dint, at this point (about 3:10 in). However, any speaker is likely to make minor errors such as this. I agree that it should be dint.

    (To the original poster: (a) Welcome to WRF; (b) Please note WyomingSue's suggestion that you include your source. Aside from it being a forum rule to do that, it's really helpful.)


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    The source is the Spanish "corresponding" translation given to me by a friend o mine: "Y era admirable que mi padre haya convertido esa pequeña empresa en un éxito con el simple trabajo arduo, la persistencia, el compromiso y la convicción que podía".
    Pardon me for not having included my source.
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