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In one of my students' dissertation, its author uses the expression stir abroad in reference to the act of leaving for a foreign country. I have been trying to find a reliable source to confirm that, but to no avail.

Does the stir abroad expression stand for leave for a foreign country?

Thank you!
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    Hi audio,
    Generally speaking, no. In a particular context, it might imply that, but stir usually doesn't suggest depart for.
    Thank you, cuchuflete.

    These are the sentences in which the student uses the expression in question:

    "a) Firstly, when a person stirs abroad, they can practise another language.
    Firstly, not all can stir abroad, because it is quite expensive."

    The essay topic:
    "Many people move permanently to foreign country. What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing this?"



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    It looks like your student (mis)used a thesaurus and found that stir can be a synonym for move. They got the wrong sense of move, apparently.
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