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Hi, I know that stir crazy means crazy from being confined. But if a restaurant is named "Stir Crazy", what does it mean? By the way, it's a place where you fill a bowl with vegetables , tofu , beef or shrimps and then cook it at your table. Thanks.
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    This is just a wile guess, but I'm betting you stir-fry it at your table. :)

    Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    stir-fry /ˈstɜːˈfraɪ/vb ( -fries, -frying, -fried)
    • to cook (small pieces of meat, vegetables, etc) rapidly by stirring them in a wok or frying pan over a high heat: used esp for Chinese food



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    I agree with the others.

    It's really not the greatest grammar, but it's a catchy name.

    It could come out like this for me:
    -- Stir, Crazy! (You crazy person. :))
    -- Stir Like Crazy!'
    -- Crazy About Stirring (likely they meant this)

    Just a brainstorm.

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    "Stir-crazy" is a slang expression meaning "insane from being imprisoned" - it's a phenomenon found among some long-term jail inmates.

    The restaurant owner wanted to refer to quick-stir frying, using a witty pun as a title. (This is very common, the worst offenders being hairdressers, for some reason.) So he chose "Stir-crazy", hoping that people would understand it as Perpend did in #4.

    (According to the Urban Dictionary: STIR = prison. romany word 'staripen', an immovable thing or place from which you cannot move, ultimately connecterd to the word 'stasis'. Isn't that fascinating?)
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