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It's an absolutely hateful word to translate, I know, but does anyone have any suggestions for how to translate this into English? As far as I can see, the Germans seem to use it for a connection between two parts which is formed by means of a "material", e.g. adhesive, cement, solder etc. This is a bit of a theoretical question, so there's no actual context, but you can try for "stoffschlüssige Verbindung" if that will help :)

Many thanks for any suggestions.
  • "stoffschlüssige Verbindung" - I dont even know what its meant. I doubt that this is proper German :-D

    But I found it in the dictionary "stoffschlüssig" means "firmly bounded"
    "Verbindung" can be translated in various ways as well, depending what kind it is, it could be "connection, compound, link, joint"

    Where did you find such an exotic word? :D
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    "stoffschlüssige Verbindung" - I dont even know what its meant. I doubt that this is proper German :-D
    Of course, it is proper German. In Sachsen, in the polytechnical highschool (allgemeinbildende Polytechnische Oberschule), I learned it in the eighth or ninth class in school.

    I give some context:

    It is a technological word.

    There are three kinds of mechanical connections:
    - kraftschlüssig - the connection is made by force, for example by friction force.
    - formschlüssig - the connection is made by the geometrical form, for example in screws.
    - stoffschlüssig - the connection is made by atomic or molecular forces of the material, example adhesive forces, stick, soldering.

    In the Wikipedia article, you can find examples and pictures.

    Did this help?

    Unfortunately, I do not know the proper English word.
    What would be the English word?

    firmly bounded - this is not right, it is also for other firm connections, isn't it?
    firmly bonded - this might be right
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    I´ve found that "soffschlüssige Verbindung" is just "cohesion" in English

    But it makes sense. The German "Kohäsion" refers to the atomic/molekular powers
    "Cohesion" is possible, if it is a false friend to "Kohäsion".

    "Stoffschlüssig" is "Adhäsion" and "Kohäsion".

    "Kohäsion" - connection of one kind of material
    "Adhäsion" - connection between different materials