stojąc na skrzydle


Chinese - Mandarin
Zbadałem jeszcze, stojąc na skrzydle, czy helikopterowi nie grozi osunięcie się w ocean; fale lizały zębatą krawędź o kilkanaście kroków od mego lądowiska, ale stał pewnie na szeroko rozstawionych płozach.​
What does "skrzydle" mean here? I don't think helicopters have wings. Even if it does, standing on it is probably a bad idea.
  • Ben Jamin

    Senior Member
    Maybe he was standing on a wing of another air vehicle. It would be far too risky to stand on a helicopter that was in danger of sliding down a ravine or cliff. But if you don't find any more clue, don't worry. Fiction writers take liberties, and make errors, even so good ones as Lem.
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