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For a comedy/adventure story I am writing, I need the translation of the expression "Stop it!" (or "Shut up!", or something else like that) in hungarian. The sentence would be pronounced by a group of pissed-off 20-years-old girls in a hostel. Somebody (another group of girls) is making noise and they are unpolitely asking them to stop.

Thank you :)
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    If you are looking for something definitely impolite (or even, very rude), I think Kussoljatok / Kussoljatok már! / Kuss! would be it. Something still impolite, but a bit less rude would be Fogjátok (már) be! All of them mean shut up.


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    Some more rude variants:
    Pofa be!
    Pofa alapállás!
    Pofa súlyba!

    If the speaker want the silence from more than one people:
    Kuss legyen!
    Kórus, kuss!
    Mátyás király Gömörbe,
    beleszart egy vödörbe.
    Aki először megszólal,
    az eszi meg a vödör szart.