storied cultures vs. clustered cultures


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I am reading a web material related to public space planning. (Source:

Here I have encountered two terms for which I cannot find any explanation from the internet. Does anyone here understand the two terms?

storied cultures vs. clustered cultures (25/97)

It seems to be cited from ”Paths of Change" by Will McWhinney. (as indiated at the bottom)

Besides, the words except the two titles are illegible.

From a literal level, storied cultures seem to me to be those cultures full of stories/ set up based on stories; clustered cultures: no idea, just "cluster" means to me gathering together of different types of things.

Thank you in advance!
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    Hullo AL. Are you talking about this diagram?

    If so, I can read most of that ... but I don't understand a single word of it. Architects ~ or people who make a profession of writing about architecture ~ talk some of the most incredible, pretentious, unintelligible rubbish* I've ever come across in English.

    How important is it that you know?

    *The polite word for it.


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    I agree with ewie, but this is fascinating. I can only find a tiny snippet from "Paths of Change" that mentions "clustered culture".

    Democratizing processes emerge directly from the storytelling culture, in parallel to the emergence of materializing process from the clustered culture. Democratization and materialization share the pluralistic worldview. In democratizing processes, however, the modes of managing conflict and change...

    So there seems to be a "tension" between the two, and the "storied" culture is somehow associated with democratizing processes and is viewed in a more positive way..


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    Thank you both.
    To ewie, thank you for your frankness in sharing your view of the content and your impression of such theoretical writing.
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