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Hi everybody,
this is my first post here

I have to translate from English to French a text that's been written by a TV series writer.

How would you say:

"story meeting"

Thanks in advance.
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    Réunion sur le scénario ? Apparemment, on y décide des détails de l'intrigue.
    Je verrais bien les gens de la TV ne pas traduire ce genre d'expression... ;)

    Trouvé dans la retranscription d'un épisode de série américaine:

    *Capeside High - film class. Dawson is sitting with his notebook at the back of the class.*

    Mr. Gold: Alright, kids, so let's hear some ideas.

    Kid in the back: What about a big production number at the victory dance? Right at the end of the second half.

    Nellie: Will someone please tell Tommy Tune back there, that the discussion is limited to non-assinine ideas?

    Mr. Gold: Let's try to keep this story meeting a little more upbeat, and politically correct, Nellie.

    Another kid in the back: I got it! The coach has a heart attack and drops, right before the game.

    Cliff: It's the coach. Nobody cares. It has to be something bigger.

    Yet another kid: We start shooting tonight, shouldn't the script be locked?

    *Dawson acts like somebody actually has brought up a good point.*
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