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In the following passage, there is a strange phrase "storybook dedication". Can anybody help me with its meaning here? Thanks.

Karin looked away from the mirror and looked into it again, better prepared. She saw a saint. The shining hair and the pale blossoms, the faint shadows of the falling lace on her cheeks, the storybook dedication, the kind of beauty so in earnest about itself that there is something fated about it, and something foolish. She made a face to crack that face open, but it didn’t work-it seemed as if the bride, the girl born in the mirror, was now the one in control.
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    Hello GS1. I guess what the author means is "the kind of dedication which is shown by characters in storybooks", heroes and heroines of grand romances and the like, who never waver from their goals, etc. (It's meaning ¹ rather than meaning ² in our dictionary: the quality of being dedicated, purposefulness, devotion to one's aims.)
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