Stowing growth


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I'm not a 100% sure about the translation of this into French (stowing is the major problem but any advice on the rest of the phrase would be great!):
"today's challenging conditions characterized by stowing growth"
, would "les conditions actuelles sont caratérisées par une croissance ralentie" fit the bill?
Thanks for any suggestions...
  • Quaeitur

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    Stowing growth of slowing growth?

    I am a bit confused if it is stowing. But croissance ralentie fits the bill for slowing growth.

    And welcome to the forum Scrubs!

    zita beretta

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    France - French
    Pour "stow", je proposerais plutôt "au point mort".
    Et je privilégierais plutôt le "challenging", dans la première partie de la phrase, such as :
    Le défi de la situation actuelle, caractérisée par une croissance au point mort...
    But it's just my humble opinion, I'm not a specialist in economics;)