straggly ponytails freshly blow-dried

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According to below text, What does "their straggly ponytails freshly blow-dried" mean?<-----Additional question removed by moderator (Florentia52)----->
"The old-school hackers, their straggly ponytails freshly blow-dried, have been meeting with Bill Clinton and Janet Reno to help them nail you. These hackers claim they are motivated by love."

For more information, Please see "My Mafiaboy".

Thank you.

Source: "My Mafiaboy," by Naomi Klein, in The Nation
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    Which part of "their straggly ponytails freshly blow-dried" is confusing to you, hack3rcon? It might be more easily understandable if it were phrased, "The old-school hackers, who had straggly ponytails that had been freshly blow dried . . . ."
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