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Ok, this is one for all you americans out there ! I've got a contract to translate and the sentence is "accumulated on site time in excess of that quoted above is subject to billing at Inter-Source rates, straight time at 750 dollars per day".
I'm presuming that straight time is the same as flat-rate, normal pay? And in french you could say "taux uniforme" or "tarif uniforme" ?
Thanks very much for your help.
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    straight is a way to say correct, usual

    By example, a not-gay person is called "straight"

    So I would say, that in that case, it's more something like "le prix/tarif de base (sans retards) est de 750". (straight= without any delay)


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    I'm sorry jojo, I'm American and I've worked with contracts but I have never come across "straight time". Based on the context, however, your guesses of flat-rate, normal pay sound good to me.


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    oh dear, if an american doesn't know what it is, i'm in trouble ! ;)
    but thanks for your help nycprincesse. there's been a lot of odd words in this contract, i think this company have just made up their own language !
    i looked up flat rate in the dictionary, and it said "taux uniforme", but is it more common to say "taux fixe" ?


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    Courtesy of Gouvernement du Canada :

    at a rate of 4 % of the straight time hourly rate of pay.
    correspondant à 4 % de leur taux horaire normal
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