straighter than narrow

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  1. zhg Senior Member

    Me and my arrow
    straighter than narrow
    where ever we go
    everyone knows
    it's me and my arrow

    (Me And My Arrow, Harry Nilsson)

    What does it mean by " straighter than narrow"? I am confused whether he was talking about a relationship between him and his arrow is straight not gay , or just the arrow is straight not crooked?
  2. Andygc

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    Don't expect song lyrics to make sense. The other verses contain no suggestion that this is a reference to homosexuality.
  3. velisarius Senior Member

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    "The straight and narrow" is a set phrase (you can find it in the WRF dictionary). It means "the proper, moral way to behave". It's likely that in these lyrics there is a play on the expression "to keep to the straight and narrow (path)", but I can't find much meaning in it. Bear in mind the fact that there aren't so many suitable rhymes for "arrow" anyway.
  4. natkretep

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    That is because the reference is to the strait and narrow and strait was subsequently mis-spelt.
    Clearly this is a play on the set phrase, but I suppose he does mean straight rather than strait. (Upright? Physically straight?) I don't know what the arrow refers to - there's some discussion about whether it's his girlfriend or dog or something else.
  5. Myridon

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    "Straight as an arrow" is a common comparison. Arrows that are not perfectly straight don't fly to their targets properly. If a writer is babbling some nonsense about arrows, the word "straight" is likely to come up. Once "straight" has popped into his head, then "straight and narrow" follows in the stream of nonsensical associations. :)

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