strakker gaan aansturen

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    I have a problem understanding the second clause to this sentence:
    " Laat het de directie tot voorbeeld strekken, zodat ze ook hun eigen leraren eens wat strakker gaan aansturen."

    Dank u wel.

  2. Peterdg

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    Dutch - Belgium that they start excercising a little tighter control over their teachers.
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    Belgium, Dutch
    I agree to a large extent with Peter. Maybe I may add/ point out that sturen is 'conduire' in French, determining the direction, or at least contributing to defining it, also figuratively. (Therefore besturen, means 'to govern', the way one defines/ determines the course of a ship)

    Ik probeer een beetje te sturen implies that someone is pushing in a direction. Aansturen is generally used with op, and aansturen op [verandering] could be translated, I think, as 'push for change', or something the like. Here aansturen - with a direct object -sounds more like pushing for but in a strong way, exerting pressure on those teachers. Therefore the strak is added: tight, indeed. In my view the main focus is on pressure and pushing in a direction, so in that respect also exercising control..

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