strange faces peering through <the veil>

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A man tells this to Norman, a boy who can see ghosts:
-- And you know why you're not supposed to talk to me? I can see ghosts, too! And I know that's not all you've been seeing lately, is it? Bad omens? Things you can't quite explain. Strange faces peering through the veil?
ParaNorman, animation

Does it refer to a piece of women's clothing and means "strange faces peering through their veils"? Thank you.
  • VicNicSor

    The veil between this world and the other, spirit of ghost-infested, world. It's the sort of thing psychics and mediums will talk about.
    And is it this meaning of 'veil'?:
    3. singular (formal) something that stops you from learning the truth about a situation
    • Their work is carried out behind a veil of secrecy.
    • It would be better to draw a veil over what happened next (= not talk about it) .


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    I don't think so. But I suspect that those who believe in it think of it more as real than as a metaphor. Real but invisible. A Google search for "veil between spirit world" brings up loads of sites discussing this veil thing.
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